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MUPYME Project

 External Experts Panel 

The External Experts Panel (EEP) of MUPYME project consists of a group of experts specialized in adult and lifelong learning all around the world to guarantee the transferability of MUPYME project results to other international organizations and stakeholders beyond partnership.

This group of experts has the capacity to replicate the activities proposed, so they promote the transfer of the results into their own countries. The EEP is updated regularly with the last results of the project and their inputs are always taken into account in the periodic deliverables to be submitted to the Erasmus+ National Authority as well as in the development of the project actions.

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   Members of MUPYME External Experts Panel are:

Romania Ana MariaDr. Ana-Maria COZGAREA  (Romania)

Dr. Cozgarea is currently Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science, Electronics and Automation, and Head of Computer Assisted Language Learning Centre. She holds two Master Degrees in Communication and Semiotics, and a PhD Degree in Language and Discourse of Science and Technology. She has published scientific papers in conference proceedings and scientific journals. Dr. Cozgarea has been member of international committees of scientific events on education, member of professional associations, and reviewer of scientific journals. She is External Evaluator of COST actions.

She is also European Project Manager, Auditor of Higher Education Quality Assessment, and Formal and Non-formal Trainer. Her main research focuses on sustainable education, learner behaviour, science and technology discourse, new pedagogies, innovative teaching and learning approaches, blended learning methods, academic and professional communication.

Dr. Cozgarea has participated as researcher, trainer, or member of the implementation team in various international projects: FP7-ICT-10-2013.1.6-610576 (NUBOMEDIA), CIVIL JUSTICE JUST 2012/JCIV/AG/3420/02.01.2013 (EIRENE), LIFE+. She is currently project manager of three USV teams:

  • BYE-8 Boosting Young Entrepreneurs (COSME EYE, cycle 8, Grant Agreement no. 695897, 2016-2018)
  • iYouth - Empowering Europe’s Young Innovators: The Desire to Innovate project (Erasmus+, 2016-1-RO01-KA201-024399)
  • ScienceGirls - Teenage Girls as Co-Creators of Science Learning Engagement project (Erasmus+, 2016-1-UK01-KA201-024248)

Cyprus PanayiotisMr. Panayiotis HADJISYMEOU (Cyprus) 

2009 - 2010 Middlesex University – London, UK
                  M.A. [Hons] Hospitality & Culinary Arts Management
1999 - 2001 Middlesex University – London, UK
                  B.A. [Hons] Hospitality Management
1970 - 1973 Hotel & Catering Institute & Central Hotel Training School –Nicosia, Cyprus
                   HND in Culinary Arts


Since 2007 KES College, Nicosia Cyprus
                    Head of the Hospitality School
- Closely mentors students, several of which attain top chef jobs across Cyprus
- Doubled the size of the department in the space of 6 years
- Leads and evaluates a team of lecturers and prepares departmental hand books
- Introduced the Health & Safety Policy at the college.

Full CV


netherlands Jumbo

Mr. Jumbo KLERCQ (Netherlands) 

Mr. Klercq is owner of The Elephant Learning in Diversity, a consulting agency about strategy around innovation in and through lifelong learning.

Jumbo has almost 40 years of experience as a trainer, coach, development officer, policy advisor and project manager.

Jumbo has worked with well-known Dutch training organizations. He played an important role in the development of later life learning and was further on very active in numerous European projects and networks. He was also many years board member of the European Association for Education of Adults and involved by the establishment of the Lifelong Learning Programme, the predecessor of Erasmus+.


Currently Jumbo and The Elephant are very strongly involved in  projects on learn to learn and entrepreneurship  for vulnerable groups in society like disabled people and refugees. He is active board member of the foundation Learn for Life, the organiser of the Dutch Adults Learners Festival. Finally he is one of the ambassadors for the Dutch EPALE pages, sharing knowledge and insights widely and promote professional critical reflection.

Jumbo is perhaps best characterized as a philosopher and epicurean. He likes it to connect the useful with the pleasant and to question the obvious.


Macedonia Dushko

Mr. Dushko PERINSKI (Macedonia)

  • Mr. Perinski primary profession is Macedonian Language teacher in Vocation secondary school Modha Pijade in Tetovo, Macedonia.
  • Member of the Board in Community Development Institute – Macedonia.
  • Dushko has experience in administrative work in school and in project management.
  • Participant of seminars and trainings in several areas about lifelong learning and adult learning.
  • Volunteer experience NGOs.
  • Always ready for new knowledge, experiences and challenges.

Macedonia NebojsaMrs. Androula CHRISTODOULOU  (Cyprus)

Mrs. Christodoulou studied Civil Engineering and worked as a teacher in Technical Schools in her Country for 35 years and she finished as an assistant director of the A' Technical School of Nicosia. 

Now she is retired, and she is an active member of the Consumer School. She is the financial controller of the Expatriate Association of the village of Letymbou and every year she follows different lessons of the Adult Education program of the Ministry of Education.


 Macedonia NebojsaMr. Nebojsa TRPKOVSKI (Macedonia)

  • Project coordinator. 
  • Graduate Electrical Engineer.
  • Teacher of vocational subjects for electro-technical vocation.
  • Coordinator of the Career Center at the school.
  • Member of the school team on the project "Regional Support for Inclusive Education".
  • Team member of Self-evaluation of the school.
  • Team member of the School development plan.
  • Mentor in Companies.
Mr. Trpkovski holds the following certificates: Lecturer on basic skills in Information Technology School of leadership and public policies, Work readiness curriculum, Career Counselors Training, Training on Usage of Information Systems for Educational Management, Training on Microsoft Office 365, Public speaking and effective communication training, From region to region sharing experience in the field of education. 

 Macedonia NebojsaMr. Kleanthis SYMEONIDES (Cyprus)

Kleanthis Symeonides is elected president in three cultural/educational associations and is managing various projects. He participates in various meetings/seminars/conferences. He is organizing various public activities related to the 3 association he is leading. He is president of the Euroculture- Pancyprian Cultural and Educational Association. He is also president of the Large Families Association of the town of Latsia( 4 children and more) and a member of the Committee of the National Large Families Association. He is also President the National Association for the Welfare of Families and Children-Kivotos. For the last 10 years, he participates in European projects with social, educational dimension.  He cooperates with many European associations. He is an officially certified trainer in adult education programs. During his professional career he participated and organized a numerous number of seminars, conferences, for Large Families, for unemployed, for disabled people, large families etc.


  •  2015- Students Financial Advisor, at a University in Cyprus
  • 2013-2015 Head of Credit Control at Insurance Company.
  • 1991-2013 Popular Bank of Cyprus.         
  • 1990-1991, Marketing Μanager .  


  • Pancyprian Gymnasium.
  • Economic University of Athens (1986-1990) B.A
  • Master Degree in Management, 1990-1991)
  • Certified Trainer on Adult Vocational Education.
  • 10 years’ experience in writing proposals and managing EU projects

Macedonia NebojsaMrs. Stavroula IACOVOU  (Cyprus)

Mrs. Iacovou has been working for the National Guard in Cyprus as an officer for 25 years.




 Spain Alejandro

Mr. Alejandro TIANA (Spain)

Rector of the National University of Distance Education in Spain (UNED)

 greece elisavet

Mrs. Elissavet GEORGIOU (Greece)

Organizational Psychologist in Be YourSelf -  Guidance & Counceling Center


Mr. Yiannakis KAPITANIS (Cyprus) 

External evaluator of Human Resourse Development Authority of Cyprus for Adult Educators and Trainers


 ¿Do you want to take part in MUPYME External Experts Panel? Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and get information with no engagement.

Organizational Psychologist 

Be YourSelf -  Guidance & Counceling Center


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