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MUPYME Project


Keep you informed about the progress of MUPYME Project!

On June 29th the international seminar of Project MUPYME was held at Centro Cultural Alcazaba in Mérida. That event put an end to two years of research and work aimed to raise awareness when it comes to housewives’ skills and their potential to be implemented in business economy, as well as discovering what the best way to enhance them is.  


Project MUPYME will hold its international seminar on June 29th in Mérida (Spain) in order to share its progress and results regarding its main objectives:

a/ Identifying skills, experiences and knowledge acquired within the household that could be implemented out of the household for different purposes.

b/ Putting special emphasis on management, since management is about making decisions – and that is one of the most common skills acquired by housewives within the household.


The results of MUPYME Project will be presented on June 29th. When talking about professional qualification, management is lacking. There is a need for expert managers capable of running SMEs. MUPYME Project argues that this professional group does exist; however, it is concealed behind the walls of the household, which is in itself a unit whose complexity exceeds that of a company.


Education and life-long training experts from seven different countries within the EU have met in order to work together on a training plan specifically aimed to housewives. Their goal is finding a way to transfer those skills acquired in the household to a different economic context.  

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Those women with experience in house management, also known as housewives, have acquired some skills that can be transferred to business management, but they are often unaware of their own potential.

By means of its innovative approach, MUPYME Project analyses the typology of housewives’ skills and their potential, raises awareness about said issue, and defines the shift from household economy to SME economy. The research developed under MUPYME has been carried out in a heterogeneous set of European countries. 

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MUPYME project, with the aim of empowering the skills that women develop in their domestic environment to transfer their skills to the world of business, keep advancing and the date of its next transnational meeting is approaching.

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On 15th July MUPYME Project team met at Università Popolare di Firenze headquarters, in the heart of the beautiful city of Florence, to continue working on the project.

After a first phase of research on the skills developed by housewives from different countries due to the implementation of its domestic activity, and after checking with entrepreneurs how those skills are transferable to a business environment, it is time to start work on a adapted learning/training program.

Next July 15th it will take place the second transnational meeting of MUPYME Project. Representatives of all partner countries of the project will meet in U.P. Florence (Italy).

Agros community (Cyprus), 07.04.2016

Last April 7th, our partner in Cyprus, Cyprus Adult Education Association (CAEA), organized the first workshop “BRINGING THE BUSINESS WORLD TO THE HOUSEHOLD among entrepreneurial women and housewives.

Madrid (Spain), 16.01.2016

Yesterday, January 15th, the kick off meeting of MUPYME Project, which brought together all partners that make up this Project, took place in Madrid.

Madrid (Spain), 13.01.2016

Next January 15th it will take place the first transnational meeting of MUPYME Project. Representatives of all partner countries of the project will meet in Madrid (Spain), in order to attend the kick off meeting and start with the project’s implementation. The activities of this first meeting will be developed on the facilities of FEUP (Spanish Federation of Popular Universities) in Madrid (Calle de los Madrazo, 3, 28014 Madrid, Spain).


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