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MUPYME Project


MUPYME Training Site

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MUPYME Training Site is focused on providing specific training for people who develop training courses and teaching activities for housewives.

MUPYME Training Site is a space in which housewives’ future trainers will find contents and useful resources to design and to support their formation.

Within the online training platform "MUPYME Training Site", different alternatives are offered to teach the above KNOWLEDGE AREAS, allowing to learn about new techniques, classroom strategies, teaching methods, concepts or materials, which will offer to housewives’ future trainers a wide variety of options so that they can design their own course, with the materials and resources that they consider more appropriate.

In this training platform, and through this project, we do not offer closed, strict and inflexible training; quite the opposite. It offers a tool, a reference, a series of resources and training materials, from different backgrounds and cultures, but with a common bond: to respect the skills and knowledge already acquired by housewives. The selection of the most efficient resources and best adapted to the target group will be a decision of the trainer. The idea is everyone to be self-taught, to study and to get to know his/her target group and to be able to use what is most useful for this group.


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