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Università Popolare di Firenze – UPF



Popular University of Florence (UPF), first Popular University of Italy, reborn in 2011 with the intention to expand the culture and social commitment of citizens, regardless of age, sex, religion or ethnicity. The UPF has cultural, scientific, artistic and training for adults, organize events, seminars, conferences and training purposes.

UPF also aims to achieve goals related to non-conventional medicine and bio-natural disciplines. Popular University of Florence, through its subsidiaries, organizes training courses, updating and specialized training.

UPF is a member of the CNUPI, National Confederation of Popular Italian Universities, whose objectives are: to provide citizens of all ages a service of cultural development; to facilitate updating knowledge to those who have an occupation; to facilitate specialized training to those who are looking to enter in labor world and to increase the qualifications of interested training. In addition, it has been registered with the Regional Associations of Social Promotion and National Research Institutions and is also a member of the European Association of Adult Education.

The UPF is a "milestone" for the local area associations, cooperatives and education bodies working in the field of Adult Education. The training offer, despite its young age, is very spacious and offers a wide variety of courses for adults in different areas of interest, some of which are free, to better understand the purpose of promoting their social status .

The Adult courses are characterized by practical courses and customized workshops for the user and professionalization. Among them we can mention: Music Therapy European Project Design, Creative Writing, Dressmaking, Languages, History of Religions, Graphology, Computer, Yoga, Naturopathy courses, etc. The methods used are interactive and multimedia and collaborative and adult participation in courses is increasing year after year, thus improving the educational offer. Popular University of Florence is also editor of the online magazine "Agora", a virtual community of active and responsible on issues of social, environmental, cultural, mental and physical health people.


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