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MUPYME Project


 Spanish Federation of Popular Universities - FEUP



The Spanish Federation of Popular Universities - FEUP - is constituted by the Popular Universities (196 Popular Universities), which are in 203 locations in 12 autonomous communities (ACs) of Spain. It is the means of representing the Popular Universities, both national and transnational.

Popular Universities is a project of cultural development in the municipalities, which seeks to promote social participation and continuing education in order to improve the quality of life.

FEUP is a meeting point for the exchange of experiences, systematic, theoretical production and mass communication between the Popular Universities, the Association of Popular Universities and all who belong to them, such as institutional and technical representatives and even participants.

Activities and experience in relevant areas with MUPYME project:

FEUP supports, informs and systematizes the "Spanish Popular Universities Project". The project includes diagnostic processes and continuous evaluation for adaptation of education, training and cultural needs, interests and potential of individuals and communities, with the aim of improving the quality of life of these offers.

The Popular Universities in Spain are active in a broad context:

  • Education: Literacy, Access to University.
  • General Education: Languages, Literature, ICT ...
  • Training for Employment and Entrepreneurship.
  • Cultural and Intercultural Activities
  • crosscutting issues, Skills / Basic Skills, etc.
  • active democratic citizenship
  • Basic skills / key competencies
  • Social integration
  • Equality
  • employability
  • Promoting learning throughout life. Learning festivals
  • intercultural learning
  • Education for health
  • Creativity

The business world is one focus of attention emerging for training processes of Popular Universities. The company and the functions carried out by people who work in it, is determining factor, largely, the development of collective life. In this regard, in some localities, the popular universities have begun to carry out actions aimed at the revitalization of the companies in its environment to promote the training of their workers and to help improve their competitiveness, depending on the evolution of markets and the need to adapt to the new requirements of the productive world.


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