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DVV International is the Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association (DVV). DVV is a German professional association in the field of adult and lifelong learning. Set up in 1953, DVV is the German national association of the 16 Länder (States’) associations of around 1.000 community Adult Education Centres (Volkshochschulen).

Adult Education Centres (AECs) are public institutions for adult education. In Germany in 2010 there were 938 AECs and 3.072 regional field offices in neighbourhoods or rural areas. 595 AECs are organised and supported by the local authorities (cities, counties, municipalities or user associations), 301 are registered associations, and the rest have special legal status: they work in private ownership or as a GmbH (limited company). Regardless of their legal form, the Adult Education Centres work as community centres for continuing education and contribute to the local services.

Background information on DVV International:

DVV International, DVV’s international branch, established in 1969, works worldwide to promote and support adult learning as a key to poverty reduction. Building on DVV’s knowledge and experience as a national association of adult learning providers, DVV International seeks to develop and share best practices in the field of adult education.

DVV International works with more than 200 partners in over 40 countries around the world. With an annual budget of more than € 18 million, DVV International understands itself to be a professional partner sharing its experience and resources for common purposes and places great value on partnership cooperation with its civil society and governmental partners.

DVV International is renowned for its professional expertise in adult education, vocational education and training, literacy, non-formal education and education for vulnerable groups or groups with special needs.

The project approach, targeting improved conditions in policy, legislation and financing (macro level), as well as professionalism in practice and theory for adult education (meso level), necessarily requires cooperation both with government institutions such as, for example, ministries as well as with universities, associations, NGOs and other professional educational organizations. The project portfolio is supplemented with the support of our partners by the creation of exemplary, concrete learning opportunities especially for disadvantaged population groups (micro level). This makes DVV International the only worldwide professional organization in the field of adult education and development.

Cooperating with State institutions, civil society organisations and universities, DVV International implements and supports around 40 education programmes in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Southeast and Eastern Europe.

This commitment involves:

  • programme and project planning, identification and appraisal; project implementation
  • technical assistance, policy and strategy development
  • needs analysis, surveys, research
  • curriculum development and design of teaching and learning materials
  • trainings and courses
  • organisation of conferences, workshops and learning festivals
  • development, production and publication of information materials on adult education
  • monitoring and evaluation 



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