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MUPYME Project




Dafni Kentro Epaggelmatikis Katartisis (Dafni Vocational Training Center) - DAFNI



DAFNI VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTER  (DAFNI KEK) is an independent, non-profit training organization that primarily provides certified and/or subsidized vocational training within the framework of its management agreement with the Greek government but also with other organizations that apply non formal or continuing vocational training to combat social exclusion and unemployment. DAFNI KEK promotes social cohesion through an active participation approach. DAFNI KEK makes every effort to offer its trainees – unemployed or employees / employers form diverse backgrounds – information that may be important to their daily work or for enhancing their active participation in their local community. We also support the implementation of their strategic plans that prioritize overall organizational development. We have a wide range of facilities available for this purpose including various publications, a comprehensive documentation service, and e-monitoring services.

DAFNI KEK is based in Patras, state of Achaia, Western Greece and the main offices are located in Elaiochorion of Dytiki Achaia - a rural area with roma and underprivileged populations ( agricultural or domestic occupations).  It is ruled by a Board of Management which takes decisions on strategy, project development and local alliances. Trainers are certified and are drawn from an Official Pool of Certified Trainers in Greece by EOPPEP (Greek Organization for the Accreditation of Qualifications).

DAFNI KEK is a member of The European Association for Education of Adults, the Network on Outreach Empowerment and the Network for Intercultural Learning of Adults in Europe. At present DAFNI KEK is involved as coordinator of the Local Alliance for the Employment and Social Entrepreneurship of Disadvantaged Groups as authorized by the Ministry of Labour and by  PDE , the  Regional Agency of Western Greece,  for training  unemployed persons  50+ in agricultural areas through ‘AGRO-DIEXODOS’. Currently DAFNI KEK also runs courses to unemployed from the Achaia Prefecture area,  in topics connected to E-Trade and Exportation Techniques of the Local Production .

Last but not least, the current period is prepared to facilitate the Job Market insertion of unemployed youth aged 25-29 and 18-24  in accordance with the Official Announcements of Ministry of Labor. The action includes  80-120 h Training in Key-skills (transversal Skills) and 420/450 h  work placement in local enterprises ( to respond in general professional situation or specific needs in practice). 

Remarkable activities and exprience related with MUPYME Project:

DAFNI KEK organizes seminar targeting to unemployed women  about Social Entrepreneurship  and Local Production - based on case studies of local  women cooperatives .

Further  more DAFNI KEK has implemented as Coordinator a Grundtvig project " Women cooperatives as vehicle for European  Integration".


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