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MUPYME Project

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 Ariema Energía y Medioambiente S.L. - ARIEMA 



Ariema  is a "Technological Spin Off" company created from Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial which was born in 2002 and it is made up by scientists and researchers working on energy and environment issues for more than twenty years ago. The experience of its professionals has allowed ARIEMA to be consolidated as a leading company in Spain in energy, with experience in education and R&D management.

The experience of its professionals has granted that ARIEMA has acquired an extensive knowledge  in the development of innovation-related activities, with technical management techniques and training initiatives and communication and transfer of results to the public general.

ARIEMA has participated in over 20 projects nationwide, among which we can highlight the CENIT SPHERA and other relevant Strategic Special Projects such as the PSE Peixe Verde and PSE Miniéolica, on issues related to sustainability and the application of innovative techniques in the use of raw materials. In an International level, ARIEMA’s professionals have participated in more than 10 international projects, either preparing the proposal, either as a partner or subcontractor depending on the subject, scope and structure of the project. Among the international projects in which ARIEMA staff have participated, include the Renewable Energy Systems to Hydrogen (RES2H2) and Fuel Cell Innovative Remote System for Telecom (FIRST), both coordinated by ARIEMA, and recently project LIFE + AQUASEF approved in 2013 call for the use of eco-efficient and innovative technologies in the field of aquaculture, promoting its replication and communication at European level.

In addition ARIEMA has extensive experience in education: ARIEMA personnel has participated in more than 30 organizations such as masters / courses and seminars teachers. ARIEMA has its own teaching/training system using new technologies (e-learning platforms, podcasts, media, etc.) which promotes access to such training making it more flexible and attractive.

Remarkable activities and exprience related with MUPYME Project:

The activities developed by ARIEMA are focused on four fields of action: Equipment and facilities; Hydrogen and fuel cells and renewable energy Consulting; R&D and innovation management; Technical management. ARIEMA’s experience in this last field is of special interest to this Erasmus+ project because, since 2002, ARIEMA has been developing activity in this line of work: ARIEMA has participated in numerous national and international projects carried out duties of advice and assistance in the preparation of proposals (analysis of the call which present the proposal, preparation and presentation of proposals for financing of R+D+I, drafting of the technical report, search of partners...) as well as participating as a partner or company subcontracted depending on the subject matterscope and structure of the project.

Also noteworthy, as activities of interest to the Erasmus + project, is that ARIEMA carries out activities of education/training and dissemination on issues related to energy, environment and innovation management. 


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