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MUPYME Project

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Association Alliance for Development of Adult Education and Lifelong Learning in R. Macedonia - ADAE 



ADAE’s Vision: Macedonia, economically developed country with educated and employed people.

Aims: Development and promotion of adult education; Reduce Unemployment in the Republic of Macedoniа; Support structures, organizations and institutions for sustainable adult education.

ADAE’s Mission: Strengthening the capacities of service providers for adult education and sustainable development programs appropriate to the needs of the labor market for local economic development and reduce unemployment.

The Alliance for Lifelong Learning and Adult Education (ADAE) started as a program based on free membership, established within the frames of the Community Development Institute (CDI). ADAE functioned as a program of the Community Development Institute - Tetovo for more than one year. Within the program several activities were implemented, including participation in the Days of Lifelong. Learning 2011. ADAE registered as separate legal entity in July 2012. ADAE continues to work on projects that lead towards enhancing and promotion of adult education and lifelong learning.

Activities that ADAE has organized are the following:

Lifelong Learning Street Festival that took place in front of the Center for Culture in Tetovo. Useful information on lifelong learning and adult education, and the benefits they bring to the community were distributed to the visitors. Moreover, there was a presentation of various guilds such as woodcarving, knitting and crochet, traditional clothes making, coppersmithing and shoe-cleaning. Days of Lifelong Learning- From 2011, ADAE participated in organizing the Days of Lifelong Learning manifestation in Macedonia.

The Alliance for Development of Adult Educaton and Lifelong Learning and its members organized four forums on lifelong learning. The forums titled “Lifelong Learning- Path towards Society prepared for the Job Market” took place in Struga, Bitola, Tetovo and Kumanovo. The importance of the adult education and the lifelong learning, the role of the worker’s universities and the Employment Centers in the decrease of the levels of unemployment were discussed at the forums.

The topic of validation of the courses for adult learners was of special interest. Around 100 representatives from institutions and associations that work in the field of adult education took part at the forums. Since 2011, till today, ADAE participated in every Days of Lifelong manifestation as a partner organization in charge of organizing several events: trainings, round tables, conferences etc.

ADAE has experienced personnel that have worked in organizing events and implementing projects. ADAE also works as a network and its member organizations are with different backgrounds and different experiences.

Remarkable activities and exprience related with MUPYME Project:

Alliance for Development of Adult Education and Lifelong Learning constantly works on finding innovative ways of education in order to facilitate the leaning experience and ensure increased employability of the adult learners. So far, ADAE has conducted two researches of providers of adult education in Macedonia, in order to gather data about the quality and diversity of the offer on adult education in Macedonia and also its effectiveness. In Macedonia the employability rate is low and the majority of employed people are employed in the state administration institutions. The state is the largest employer in the country. There is a large number of unemployed persons with low skills set and  the majority of the unemployed belong to marginalized groups, including women.


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